Meet Liz, la chica behind it all.
A young creative with a vintage soul who enjoys the adrenaline rush of “the hunt.”

A collector of antiques herself, my mother always inspired my adoration for the olden things, so naturally, my love for vintage heirlooms and rusty details has forever been embedded in my heart. From a very young age, even when shopping at the thrift store was not considered “cool”, long before Macklemore inspired tons of teens to go thrifting with his hit song “Thrift Shop”, you would find me searching up and down the aisles looking for unique hand-me-downs. After a while of collecting pieces just-for-fun, the idea of owning a rental company sounded like the perfect fit.

Mi Vintage started in 2012 inside a humble storage room which quickly multiplied to 2, then 3, until it grew big enough to fill an entire 1500sq ft warehouse. Today, we have a 4500sq ft showroom full of vintage goodies available for rent! Our staff is composed of fun-loving and hardworking individuals who dedicate their time to making your events memorable!

It is truly a blessing from above that I get to share my passion with individuals daily! Collecting stunning pieces and making memories along the way, while being part of your most cherished celebrations! Of course, none of this would be possible without the love and support of our clients! We love what we do and we want to thank each and every one of those who have helped us grow our dream into a company! Thanks for allowing us to do what we love every day!