If you have any questions, please read below before contacting us. We may already have answered them! If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please drop us a line.

Where are you located?

5463 NW 72 AVE Miami FL 33166
Please contact us if you are planning to visit as we hold meetings by appointment only.

Can you provide a pricelist and pictures of all your items?

We get asked this question all the time but the truth is that we can’t.


One: We shop a lot! Yes we admit it, we’re shopaholics and as a result, it would be impossible to keep our catalogued pricelist up to date, since we get “new” inventory every week. Two: Although our pieces are individually priced, we like to create custom rental packages for our clients based on the pieces they choose to rent. Because we know everyone has a budget guideline to follow, we try to consolidate all of your favorite pieces into one package deal. While we don’t offer a specific pricelist, we do offer packages based on your rental needs. Once we have discussed the colors, theme and look you are going for, we suggest an assortment of pieces that will help bring your vision to life!

Some companies have a minimum order requirement. Do you?

Mi Vintage welcomes big events but also adores intimate affairs. To us, it’s not about the amount of pieces you rent or the dollar sign at the end of a long invoice; it’s about helping couples create magical memories with our borrowed pieces. With that being said, we are terribly busy on the weekends so we do have a minimum of $1000 to deliver on Saturdays.
However, we know that not all of our clients need $1000 worth of rental pieces so we do allow orders under the minimum to be picked up as long as the client has proper transportation (box truck or trailer). Every order is different so if you are interested in picking up, please let us know so that we can explain the process and requirements based on your specific order.

I am sure I want to use your lovely pieces at my event! When should I make the reservation?

ASAP! Because our collection is compiled of unique and very carefully selected pieces, we cannot guarantee every item will be available so please make sure to reserve your pieces before someone else does. As soon as you have a solid event date booked, please be sure to confirm your reservation with us. It has happened several times that a customer takes long to reserve their piece and when they come back, that specific piece is already booked.
TIP: If you are not sure about the specific pieces you want, just reserve you absolute favorite piece(s). You can always (and you will) add more pieces once the date is closer. If you’re absolutely in love with all our finds on Instagram and have your ‘Perfect Wedding’ board ready on Pinterest… no reservation is too early. You can reserve pieces as early as 12 months in advance. (In order to complete reservation, a 50% retainer must be paid).

Do you rent by the hour? Or by the day?

Both. We are pleased to offer our collection to Photographers, Event Planners, Moms, Brides and anyone else who may need our pieces. If you want to use our piece(s) for a photo shoot, and won’t need it for the whole day, we don’t expect you to pay the daily rate. Please note hourly rentals are only available for photo shoots. Hourly rate is available for rentals of 1-4 hours. After 4 hours it is considered an event. Daily rates will apply for Events.

How much will I have to pay?

Our rentals are each priced individually. We do offer custom packages based on our clients rental needs. Because we know everyone has a budget guideline to follow, we try to consolidate all of your favorite pieces into one package deal! When compared to other rental companies, our prices are unbeatable so feel free to choose as many pieces as you’d like!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check and most major credit cards.

I have a last minute event! Like I mean, THIS WEEKEND! Is it too late to use you guys for my event?

It is never too late to use our services; however, any event requests within 7 business days of the event must be paid in full at the time the rental agreement is signed. Because check and credit card payments take several days to clear, if your event is less than 7 days away, we do not accept any checks or credit card payments. Only CASH payment will be accepted. Additional fees may apply in order to insure we meet the deadline.

Can the rental pieces be picked up if we don’t want delivery?

Yes and No. We have a vast inventory of goodies and although you will want to take them all on a ride with you, some pieces don’t travel well unless supervised by a Mi Vintage staff member. We always recommend our customers to get the pieces delivered; however, if you are interested in picking up your rental pieces please let us know at the time of reservation so that we can tell you if these are “pick-up safe” or not. Most large items, such as our farm tables, large couches and or bar cart are not available for pickup. In order to pick up you must bring 2 people to help you load, unless items are fairly small. Pickup vehicle must be a Cargo Van or Pickup truck; if not we reserve the right to deny pickup.

I know I told you I would like to pickup my rental pieces but a last minute issue came up and I am going to need them delivered! Can you help me?

We always recommend our customers to get the pieces delivered. If you need a last minute delivery, we will try to accommodate our schedule as much as we can in order to meet your necessity. Please note: Any last minute requests will be considered a rush delivery and will incur any additional cost needed in order to meet deadline.

If I rent the piece(s) for 1 hour, and have it delivered, at what time does my rental time start and end?

Your rental hour starts at the time we deliver and ends 1 hour later.

If I rent the piece(s) for 1 hour and pick up at the Mi Vintage warehouse, at what time does my rental time start and end?

The answer to this question is a little bit more complicated. Because you are picking up, we have no way of measuring the hours you will be using it for at the shoot, like we would if we deliver, so your rental charge starts at the time you pick up at our warehouse and ends at the time you drop off the piece(s) back at our warehouse. If you pick up at 4:00pm and drop off at 6:00pm you will be charged 2 hrs. But if you pickup at 4:00pm and drop off at 7:00pm, you will be charged for a 3 hr rental. There is a 15 minute grace period. If you are more than 15 minutes late you will be charged the whole next hour.

I was supposed to be picking up at 3:30pm this afternoon, but there is a huge traffic accident on the Turnpike and I am going to be 30 minutes late. Can you wait for me?

This is definitely one of our most frequently asked questions. With Miami traffic, there is just no way of knowing how the traffic will be, so we suggest that you leave your home with PLENTY of time to spare. Because we have a busy schedule and have a specific appointment slot for pick-ups, we don’t have time to wait. We understand things happen, but just as we are on time waiting at the warehouse, we expect our clients to be. We always give a 15 minute grace period, but after the 15 minutes there will be a late fee of $50 per 30 minutes we wait. For example, if your pickup time was at 3:30 and you show up at 3:40 NO LATE FEE WILL BE ISSUED but if you show up at 3:45 or 3:50, LATE FEE WILL BE ISSUED. No exceptions.
TIP: If you know you cannot make it to a scheduled pick up at least 4 hrs ahead of time, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you as much as we can to reschedule another time but since we don’t know our complete schedule until the day-of, we cannot make any promises.

Can I make changes to my order after I’ve made my reservation and paid my retainer?

Yes, you can make any changes to your order up to the time your final payment is due (2 weeks prior to event date). Please note any changes must be of equal or higher value.

What areas do you offer services in?

We normally service from The Keys all the way to West Palm Beach. We have also serviced events in North and Central Florida including but not limited to: Fort Myers, Naples, Orlando, and Tampa.

What areas do you offer delivery in?

We normally deliver from Homestead all the way to West Palm Beach. But we have delivered all over South Florida including Key West.

Are you willing to travel outside of town for an event?

We love traveling! That’s what got us started in the business to begin with! Just send us an inquiry describing all of the event details (most importantly the location, time of event and time of pickup) so that we may send you a custom package proposal.

What do you charge for delivery?

We will provide a custom delivery quote based upon the size of the order, complexity, and distance from our location in Miami, FL 33166.  The rate includes delivery, set-up at the Venue location, and pick-up plus break-down of the pieces when the event is over.

Oops, I broke something…

Broke it, ripped it, aunt Myrtle spilled her wine on it, we understand, mistakes happen. To make sure all of our vintage possessions return home safely, we ask that you pay a damage retainer fee as well as provide us with a completed credit card authorization form. The fee for non-repairable or un-returned items is 4x times the daily rental rate, payable within one week after the date of your event (or charged immediately to the card on file, whichever you prefer). For a spill or stain that may be professionally cleaned or repaired, we will only charge the fees we incur for the professional services plus Mi Vintage will keep the damage retainer on paid.

I’m planning a magical photo shoot where different vendors will collaborate for publication. Would you be interested in joining our vision?

Well first of all, thanks for wanting to include us in your special project. Because we want to make sure that we are the right fit for your vision, please email us the specifics such as theme, colors, date, vendors participating and Pinterest board(s). We’d love to hear about your project and see how Mi Vintage can help.

What if I don’t find the item I am looking for on your website?

In an effort to always provide the coolest, most unique pieces for our clients, we are always shopping around. If you don’t see a specific item, please get in touch with us. We may have it in our inventory even though it has not yet been photographed. And if we don’t have it, we will search high and low to create or find what you are looking for, at a fraction of the cost, as we already have done for many of our clients.

I have some really awesome vintage pieces for sale! Will you be interested in buying?

We would love to know what you have for sale and see if it’s a good fit for our collection. Please email us pricing and pictures.